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Super Micro Series Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera 384

Super Micro Series Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera 384


Haussworld, a professional  designer and  manufacturer of innovative, high-performance camera / camera boards, today announce a new series Super Micro Uncooled Infrared Thermal Camera which are adopted with ULIS LWIR thermal image detector made by ULIS company in France, Pico384 series, it is capable of QVGA resolution of 384 x 288, that receives 8~14μm(LWIR) infrared ray. Which is among the very first QVGA sensors available on the market, and which is built on ULIS' proven technology, it delivers Incredible Image Quality with very good thermal sensitivity of <  30mk (f/1, 300K, 60Hz) with our software optimization, and a Fluid and Smooth Image of frame rate up to 60Hz & thermal time constant < 10ms, and High Uniformity of array operability > 99.8% , enabling cameras with high precision to distinguish the subtle temperature difference and display the thermal image on the screen in real time. The analog signal coming from the infrared detector be sampled and changed to 14-bit digital signal by a high speed ADC. When a FPGA receives the infrared digitial imaging signal will execute Non-uniformity correction(NUC), dropt out bad pixels and enhance with the image, finally changes the image signal through the digital video port of BT656.

It is capble for applications that have more requirements on ultra small size (almost like one penny size 27mm x 28mm x 33mm), super light weight (33g) and very low power consumption (<0.6w) . Because it is powered by ULIS GEN2 sensor kernal,  you no longer have to choose between range and battery life or compromise between performance and uniterrupted detection. It is very suitable for OEM assembly and integration for different purposes with such compact design. Muliple Lightweight Germanium Lens configurations are available.

Main features:  

  • Ultra small size (almost like one penny size 27mm x 28mm x 33mm)
  • Power on time less than 3 seconds
  • Detects fast moving objects because of short thermal time constant
  • The startup screen can be customized
  • The minimun power consumption is less than 0.6w
  • Scene adaptive image correction technology
  • 14-bit and BT656 standard data output


utic app scenarios


Technical Parameters




Model Number


Sensor Performance

Thermal Image Sensor

Uncooled amorphous silicon FPA (TECless)

FPA format / Pixel pitch

384*288 / 17μm

NETD (Thermal Sensitivity)

<30mK (F/1, 300K, 50Hz)

Frame Rate


Spectral response


Thermal time constant


Operability & Uniformity

>99.8% typical & <1.5% deviation

Image Processing

Non-uniformity correction

Self-adaptive calibration

Time to image


Image enhancement


Image display resolution


Frame rate

@50Hz (PAL) / @60Hz(NTSC)

Germanium Lens(Optional)

Optional for 12mm, 19mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm

Display control


5 or 9 colors optional

Image zoom

1 ~ 4x


Auto / Manual


Auto / Manual

Image reversal

Horizontal / Vertical


One or more

Power supply

Operation voltage range

DC: +2.5V ~ +5.5V


DC: +3.7V

Power consumption

< 0.6W

Power protection

Reverse connection protection, over/under voltage protection

Environment Parameters

Operating Temperature

Commercial purpose: -20℃+60℃

Special purpose: -40℃+60℃

Storage Temperature



5~95%, Non-condensing

Anti-Vibration and shock

Vibration: GJB 150-16 2.3.1

GJB 150-18 test 7 100g/6ms

Temperature Shock

-5℃/min (-40℃+60℃)

Physical Attributes



PCB size


Module size



External power supply


Digital video output

14 Bit(50Hz)/ BT.656(customized)


 RS-232 or RS-485

Analog video

BNC(75Ω); Support dual composite video