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Micro HD Endoscope CCD Boards


Haussworld, a professional  designer and  manufacturer of innovative, high-performance camera boards, today announce a new series Endoscope boards. These CCD boards adopts with SONY Black/White or Color CCD sensors  technology with capable of HD resolution of 420TVL or 700TVL, which combines the speed of CCD with the 2D+3D noise reduction, extremely low light S/N ratio, high temperature stability, high dynamic range and high saturation capacity of many of today's CCDs. Moreover, it's capable of minimum illumination 0.001lux, so even in a dark environments, it still can displays a good quality image.

These are very unique features in today's market, which is about only Φ14mm to Φ20mm diameter. Size is customizable easily upon customer's request. These were designed for easy integration in client systems. These CCD camera boards can be widely used in different applications, espeically in the medical field, e.g. endoscopy, dental, dermatology and ophthalmology, etc.

• Two standard size 17 x 17mm or 20 x 20mm

It's capable to customize to any micro size , eg. 14mm x 18mm or 14mm x 20mm, or round board with Φ14mm ~ Φ20mm diameter

Mini size but HD 700TVL or 420TVL

• 1/3" SONY CCD Black/White sensor or 1/3" SONY CCD Color sensor

• 320,000 pixels in Black/White or 570,000 pixels in Color

• 2D + 3D-DNR 



• E-zoom

There are total 10 kinds high performance Endoscope boards available. For details of their parameters, please study belows table under the bottom of this page :