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Technology News for AHD CCTV Camera and AHD DVR

During existing old CCTV system's upgrade, it's hard to balance between high definition surveillance and traditional CCTV analog system. It's not compatible in users' mind. In the overview of the traditional CCTV analog system, 960H is that the highest resolution, that's why to attain extra higher resolution becomes impossible mission for traditional CCTV analog system, due to the limitation of its technology.

In an alternative method to apply a high resolution system, users might try the high definition (HD) IP camera. However, the entire system need to be replaced, it will generate higher replacement cost from the entire equipments and labor cost.

Nowadays, AHD is a defining moment to give a better solution with achieving High-Definition picture quality and full backward compatible with existing analog CCTV system. Of course, the most important is just with lower affordable price.

In the technology overview of AHD, it supports video transmission over traditional 75-3 coaxial cable up to 500 meters that solves the transmission distance limitations of existing HD-SDI solution. In addition, it inherits and carries more advantages of traditional CCTV analog system, the video signal is uncompressed, well keep the original video details, that can keeps lossless and non-latency for the video from the totally uncompressed HD signal.

As like as other HD analog solutions, AHD is using the progressive scan CMOS image sensor, which can deliver 1.0 Mega pixel, 1.3 Mega pixel and 2.0 Mega pixel resolution. By accompanied with IR-CUT filter, such AHD camera can achieve a true day/night video surveillance. As the same topology as traditional analog system, AHD composites video, audio and control signals together and then transmits them over one coaxial cable. It eventually simplifies the installation for upgrading analog HD seamlessly.

Introduce to Haussworld's AHD 1.0 Mega pixel & 1.3Megapixel Camera

                  238243132x38-t01                        9712243132x38-t01

    • 1.0M or 1.3M pixels color image sensor (1/4" or 1/3")
    • 720P High-definition
    • Composite signals in 1 coaxial cable
    • Long-distance transmission for 500+ meters through 75-3 coaxial cable
    • High speed, long-distance and real time transmission
    • No ghosting when moving
    • Auto Electronic Shutter and Auto White Balance
    • Support 3D noise reduction, Support IR-CUT output, good for day and night image vision
    • Build in Multi-Language OSD

Who create AHD chipsets?

AHD chipsets are developed from Korean company - Nextchip, the corporate launches AHD chipsets (NVP2430H/NVP2431H) which might work with 1.0 and 1.3 mega pixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor. The new HD-AHD chipsets are designed to fulfill to the demands of new trend of CCTV market. It is comfortable for both analog HD and cost-effective HD-SDI applications. The specification of NVP2431H is supporting 1.3M CMOS sensor and output I/F as analog 1280H(CVBS/COMET) and AHD 1.0 (720p). And the specification of NVP2430H is supporting one more feature of HD-SDI 720p.

For more information, please click to visit from official Nextchip website:

nvp2431                 nvp6114