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Congratulation to Haussworld R&D department on 20 July 2020. The model HW-A120 Micro Color CCD Camera has been successfully pass the laboratory test for extremely high-low temperature environment. This indicates that the camera is fully adapted to the extreme environment of high and low temperature ranging from (+80°C ~ -20°C) .

In practical use, this enhanced series of HW-A120 can stand the severe test of high and low temperature. No matter in the extremely hot desert environment, or in the freezing and frost in the north, when other brand cameras stop working, this camera can continuously output real-time and clear monitoring video signal 24 / 7 hours.

It is suitable for use indoors or in cars, or in the head of aerocrafts, drones, UAVs, Submarines, Rovs etc., while extremely high and low temperature environment.


The Laboratory Test Report for extremely high and low temperature tolerance test :


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